Can you buy Uber’s Ride Pass?

This is a slight tangent from my originally planned 3 part article on Uber Ride pass and the economics behind it.

Can you buy Uber’s Ride Pass?

A couple of days ago, the October Ride Pass (which had been freely extended by Uber for a few days) expired and Mrs. Economist and I received emails informing us that the new Ride Pass for November was available. As I have often extolled the virtues of the Ride Pass to my friends, and had been requested to inform a few of them when the next time it became available, I immediately set upon informing them while I was purchasing my own pass.

Alas they could not buy passes of their own. However, this attempt did provide an interesting insight into how the Ride Pass program works. For reasons unclear to me my first attempt at buying a Ride Pass did not go through, and I had to login back again and purchase it again using a different credit card. In the meantime, several of my friends who had signed up on the waiting list, did not receive any emails from Uber, but on being informed by me, attempted to use the hotlink (which a simple Google search does not provide) to buy a ride pass. They however were presented the usual screen telling them the ride pass were out and that they are being put on a waitlist. I ended up logging on my own later on and then buying the Unlimited Ride Pass option.


So let me summarize this – the availability of Uber’s Ride Pass is not based on a limited number of passes that are available on a first come first serve basis, but rather it is a customized offer to certain Uber customers. This is useful information that will be relevant in our upcoming analysis of economics behind the Ride Pass.

Note: If you are try to use the hotlink for the Uber ride pass to directly purchase the Ride Pass on other days, you usually get a message saying they are out and but that you can put yourself on the waiting list and they will let you know once they became available.