Uber Flat Fares

Uber Flat Fares

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Uber Ride Pass: An introduction


For over a year, Uber has offered a limited monthly pass program called a Ride Pass (initially called Flat Fares) that provides discounted rides to its users. The pass itself is only offered in a few of the larger cities around the US. The program’s structure has varied significantly over time, and across cities, (different fare rates, discounts and upfront fees).  Even the name of the program has changed over time. I can only assume that the economists at Uber are fine-tuning the process to achieve whatever target Uber has set it for self with the program. Continue reading “Uber Flat Fares”

A Start

An introduction

I am a grad student living in Boston finishing up my PhD in Economics. This website is mainly an outlet, an extension of an idea I had a few years ago but never gotten around to working on. The blog will mostly involve posts discussing economics and policy issues and other things from my mundane life. I spend an inordinate amount of time reading and thinking, but don’t often finish my thought or write it down. This should encourage me to bring a little structure and organization to my thoughts. I am preparing more content for the website, and targeting at least a new post each week.

As this is my first real attempt at a website, please ignore any teething problems. I am currently teaching Principles to Macroeconomics which is why I will post some of my teaching materials here too. Oh and if the name is not obvious, ’tis the city I call home.